Friday, February 12, 2016

The Coming Cyberwar #1

Accountability & Traceability:

Telling WHO did an attack can be rather difficult and part of the problem with cyberwarfare.


The British GCHQ is legally allowed to hack and conduct cyber attacks.

Financial Attacks:

HSBC, the British bank, claims to have fought off a cyber attack.

Infrastructure Attacks:

Ukraine's electrical grid was attacked by hackers.  Those same hackers may have hit mining and railroad targets as a lead up to the utility attack.  Here's more info on the method of attack and the level of threat it imposes.  The hackers are likely Russian: a group called SandWorm.

Israeli's electrical grid was also targeted by malware.

The US power grid is also definitely NOT ready if hackers attack.

How to "hack" the power grid through home air conditioners. 


The NSA explains how to keep...well, the NSA out of your systems.

Some think GM is doing relatively well at cyber security.

President Obama signed two executive orders for the improvement of cyber security in the US. 


Is 2016 going to have a cyberwar in the Middle East?

Here's why the Internet of Things ought to be called the Internet of Broken Things and poses a serious problem.


It seems British and American intel agencies have successfully hacked some of the Israeli UAVs.

Cyber is a threat to nuclear deterrence.

How will the US Navy operate in a cyber intensive war?

The Russians have invested heavily in electronic and cyberwarfare because its relatively cheap compared to other advanced capabilities.

The Pentagon's new budget has a big increase in cyber capabilities planned.

The US Marine Corps may cut infantry soldiers to be able to expand its cyber corps.

Finland wants cyber weapons as well.

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