Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Last Prideful Testament

Humanity alone survived to the end of time. Humanity alone held back the multiversal invaders and rebuilt the savaged universe, nursed other races into being, nurtured their rise, and watched, like an immortal parent with mere mortal children as they passed. We survived. We thrived. We watched the universe flicker, fade and fall.

And yet we remain.

And even with all the innate cleverness and brilliance of our species, unique in the cosmos. Unique in the entirety of the existence of the universe, our demise is imminent. Our end is nigh.

We are gods. We are more. We are at an end.

Yet while we cannot survive, we can produce one, last spark. We have pooled all of the endless sea of humanity's knowledge, our creativity. And despite our end. We can build anew. But upon our corpses.

Rather than die the empty death in the bitter cold, of the near heat death of the universe, we shall even transcend the deity greatness we have held through the trillions of eons. There can be more and we shall grasp that nettle of greatness.

And we shall leave record of our sacrifice and triumph.

We have begun. We are pulling energy and matter from all corners of the universe, what is left, what is not so cold as to be useless, but even so, we shall make use of that. Humanity shall not be denied. Not this one last time.

In so doing, in so changing, in so altering the fate of the universe, we are shall breathe life into near corpse of this cosmos and render it anew.

And now we wait, in the cold blackness of space, as our plans bear fruit and we leave record of our last, best accomplishment: we shall start a new big bang and it shall overtake the universe that as and fill it utterly, but with a youth and vigor, energy and matter not seen since before humanity arose.

It will cost us all, but all that is left is a meager, shortened existence, a pitiful death. We shall not accept that and shall do as all gods ought: sacrifice themselves for the world, or universe, they have shepherded.

And we shall also leave record to the worlds and races to come, our successors and daughters and children and sons, proverbial ones, but ours all the same, of what we have done.

And it shall survive. I have sealed this record now and express our satisfaction and love and pride at our final, best accomplishment. This is the last testament of humanity.

Now. Let there be light.

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