Wednesday, February 10, 2016

US Presidential Run so far

Fiorina and Christie are out on the Republican side.

O'Malley on the Democratic side and Bush and Carson on the Republican side really ought to do the same.

Tally on the Republican side puts Trump at 17 delegates, Cruz at 11, Rubio at 10, Kasich at 5, Bush at 4 and Carson at 3.  They need 1237 to win the nomination.  We have a long road ahead.

Tally on the Democratic side puts Clinton at 431 and Saunders at 52.  Clinton is luvvin the superdelegates right now!  They need 2382 to become the nominee.

Nevada is next (dems on the 20th, reps on the 23rd) and South Carolina then (feb 27).

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