Saturday, March 26, 2016

Converging on Cryptocurrencies #5


GridCoin is an attempt to incentivize doing BOINC related science computing. This is something I discussed with friends at LBNL a couple years ago. The timing is...amusing.

The Bank of England has paid for the development of RSCoin, a centrally controlled cryptocurrency.  It matches, really well actually, what I predicted for a 'cryptodollar' would be from the US.


There was a big mix up about whether or not Microsoft would be accepting bitcoin.

Quickbit, a bitcoin trading platform, had a cyberattack and will be down for an extended period. No funds were supposedly lost though.


BitcoinWisdom Ads Remover is a Chrome extension implicated in stealing bitcoins from transactions.

Law enforcement actually really likes bitcoin because it allows for tracking the transactions very clearly due to its public ledger (blockchain).


Bitcoin issuers in Russia face seven years in prison.


Should we fear a cashless world?

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