Friday, March 25, 2016

The Coming Cyberwar #6

Cyber Security:

Was there a big breakthrough in cyber security?

Does NASA also have a cybersecurity breakthrough called Gryphon-X?  And why is it at NASA?

The Internet of Things is a security nightmare.


Cybercommand is looking to work closer with industry.

The wrap up of the series about how the US Navy will fight a war with cyberwarfare being a component.

Cyber attacks can even have effect at the tactical level in the US Army.

Three have been charged for having ties to the Syrian Electronic Army.


In a real cyberwar, unlike in a physical war, hospitals are likely to be some of the major targets.  For hackers, they already are.  Hospitals are being targeted by ransomware. has reported 316 cybersecurity incidents.

The US has indicted 7 Iranians on hacking the dam and financial institutions.  A Senator is calling the New York dam hack a wake up call.

The FBI is warning car hacking is a very real threat.

Dozens of Russians banks were hacked.

A security researcher has disappeared while digging into a Bangladesh bank hack.

Some are saying not to panic over the new iphone hack.

There is a new malware targeting air gapped systems called 'USB Thief.'

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