Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Terminator Times #6


The Pentagon has admitted its drones have been used inside the continental US for nonmilitary missions.

The Pentagon is planning on doing joint UAV training across the services.

The US Navy still plans on a stealthy UCLASS drone based on what is learned from the MQ-25 Stingray.

The US Army is seeking a new drone and a new generalized control system for drones.

Integrating the Brimstone missile is still planned for the Reaper UCAV.

The Spanish Fulmar drone has its first export customer.

Turkey wants a self sufficient drone industry.

Mongolia and Azerbaijan are interested in Belarus' UAVs.

India's UAV plans are being finalized.


Warbots might get an active camouflage skin.

In what might incite a riot after the Robopocalypse, robot targets might help in training soldiers.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

The US Army is testing self driving trucks for supply convoys.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles:

Boeing's long endurance Echo Voyager robo sub will start trials in the 3rd quarter.

The US Navy has shifted its acquisition and development strategy for the LDUUV to being kept in house rather than having a contractor do the work.

The Russians have started developing their own UUVs (other than the dirty bomb one) for the next generation attack subs.

Exercises and Demonstrations:

The Royal Navy will be conducting 'Unmanned Warrior' off the coast of Scotland later this year.  This exercise will involve pretty much all the different types of unmanned platforms and including autonomous weapons systems.


The US Army is finishing its unmanned strategy plans.

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