Friday, June 03, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #83


Drones are being used to watch for sharks on beaches.

Xiaomi has unveiled their inexpensive drone.

Aid delivery via drone has entered the prototype stage.

Drones have been developed for delivering insecticide.

Walmart is 6 to 9 months away from doing inventory by drone.

Some of Panama's indigenous tribes are using drones to fight deforestation.

Self Driving Cars:

Uber and Toyota have teamed up. Including for the purchase of vehicles directly for Uber. And Uber only wants self driving cars...

nuTonomy, a Singapore based self driving car startup, has just received $16M in funding.

Self driving cars have a high hill to hike for acceptance.

This self driving rally car has learned to drift.

The Tesla Autodrive isn't quite a full self driving car yet.

Self driving taxis should not cost more than regular uber rides or Americans will not want to take them.

Google is teaching its self driving cars to honk their own horns.

Elon Musk says Apple may have missed the boat for self driving cars.

3d Printing:

Dubai's 3d printed office building is done. 

Airbus has filed a patent for a technique to make super strong 3d printed aircraft.

CMU has figured out how to detect problems with 3d printed titanium.

On demand 3d printing will have a huge impact on the US Navy.

AirBus has unveiled their first 3d printed drone.

There's a new 3d printing technique allowing for editing as objects are being printed.


Robo roaches can now jump.

This bot uses whiskers to sense the world.

Asus has entered into the consumer robotics market with the Zenbo bot.  The bot gets a bit more press.

Pepper bot gets a job at a pizza place.

Adidas is moving its manufacturing of shoes back to Germany...but using robots instead of people.

A former MacDonald's CEO has stated a $35k robot is cheaper to buy than the $15/dollar minimum wage worker to pay.

At Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple's Iphones, the robopocalypse has arrived.

A robo-dolly is designed to carry around VR cameras.

Software Bots:

Google's new assistant bot will have a personality. Hi Marvin!

Watchbot reminds you to turn off the TV, Troubleshooter.

Apple is also building a new Echo competitor.  It may have a camera...which might turn off consumers.

Amazon has built a simulator for the Echo that can run in your web browser.

If a person gets bad investment advise from a software bot, they are less likely to return than to a person.

CMU is working to make AI decision making accountable.

Researchers are teaching bots to respond to other people's pain.

Digital assistants may violate child privacy laws in the US.

A new 'swarm intelligence' software bot is being developed for picking winners.

True AI will need human rights, a prof says.

Do we trust robots too much? but Americans do not appear to trust AI systems.  uh...

Facebook is using a software bot to fight offensive pix?

Software bots will radically change the world in 5 years.

Google says their AI is best because they have been working on it longer.

Google's AI wrote a song.

Scott Aaronson discusses whether or not true AI is even possible.

There are AI personal trainers now too.

Philosophy & Economics:

The useless class gets discussed again.

Charlie Stross brings the space fan and singularity to the DC wonk circles.

Bill Gates discusses AI being the holy grail and how to deal with the robopocalypse.

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