Friday, June 03, 2016

The Coming Cyberwar #11

Cyber Warfare:

This is how the USMC plans on using cyberwarfare.

The US Navy & USMC are facing cultural issues with cyberwarfare.

The US Naval Academy has graduated its first midshipman focused on cyberwarfare.

The US Senate is attempting to elevate US Cyber command.

Russia's cyberturfing trolls refuse to be dragged into the light.

SecDef Carter highlights US Army cyber security.

IRONGATE is the first IDed STUXNET clone.

NATO is considering making cyber warfare a separate combat domain.

Cyber Security:

The first software has been developed to test the security of Quantum Keys.

DARPA is developing an 'extreme DDOS' defense.

The DOD's cyber security priorities haven't changed in a long time, despite press & hype.

Cyber Crime:

Here's an update on the Skimer malware infecting  ATMs world wide.

Hackers are targeting US & Chinese stock analysts?

ZCryptor appears to be the first self propagating ransomware.

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