Friday, October 21, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #92


Amazon just patented mini personal drones.

Attachments are made to transform drones into search and rescue tools.

Barbers are safe from a drone led robopocalypse.

Drones are starting to deliver blood in Rwanda.

Drones and VR were used to understand the Plain of Jars.

A drone was wirelessly powered.

FAA is being sued over the drone registry.

Intel now has its own commercial drone, the Falcon 8+.

Medical drones in Africa face challenges.

Mini folding drones!

Modular drones for kids!

The Passport selfie taking drone is ready.

Pegasus is the uber of delivery by drone.

Satellites may not be needed for next generation nav systems.

SenseFly has upgraded its agri drone.

Uber has drones harassing drivers in Mexico.

Verizon is testing drones for use as flying cell towers.

Yamaha's unmanned helicopters can now be used for agricultural purposes.

Self Driving Cars:

Will kids need to actually learn to drive in the future?  Or will it go the way of horseback riding?

Drivers who are aggressive are looking forward to self driving cars hitting the road because they think they will be easier to bully.

The Apple Car, Project Titan, appears to be dead.  However, will other companies want Apple's tech?

BMW is edging closer to self driving cars in its new 5 series.

Britain has its first self driving vehicles acting as taxis in London in a very limited fashion.

The Brits have also demoed self driving connected cars.

Easymile is getting legal permission to driverless buses in San Ramon, California and California is pushing forward with self driving cars in general.

Faraday Future's Formula E racer is interesting.

Google's self driving cars have logged over two million miles.

Iveco put forward their vision for trucking, especially self driving.

Mercedes has stated its self driving cars will save its drivers rather than pedestrians.

Renault-Nissan has started a self driving car division.

Rinspeed's Oasis self driving vehicle is being prepped for CES 2017.

Tesla has been asked to rename the Autopilot software in Germany. 

Germany has also stated Tesla drivers must pay attention.

Tesla will be shipping the self driving tech on all its cars, whether or not they are self driving.

Tesla's Musk is saying negative coverage of self driving vehicles is killing millions.

Tesla has also stated it is against the Ts & Cs of owning a Tesla to send it out to autonomously pick up people for money (aka uber).

A Tesla S just rear-ended a motorcycle while in Autopilot mode.

Toyota is very unhappy with the regulations for self driving cars in California.  In fact, all car makers and Google are stating these regs are nonsense.

Transport Systems Catapult has placed the first self driving cars in London as a trial carrying passengers.

Self driving tricycles?

A self driving uber went the wrong way on a one way street.

Uber is getting big on its autonomous plans.

3d Printing:

Australian architect Gardiner is looking to start a revolution by combining CNC, 3d printing and wax moldings.

Electric 4ekolka is the latest entrant into the 3d printed car race.

3d printed bone is coming!

And 3d printed liver!

Blue Body Labs is offering customized clothing...

Dubai announced plans for 3d printed housing.


The first British robot has been restored.

Chanel's fashion ... robots?

Disney researchers have created a one legged bot.

Say hello to the Ghost Minotaur bot. 

Google dumped a robotic arm project. 

Japanese bots!

Kobi is a new bot for garden work.

Micro bots directed by light?

Nilfisk teamed with CMU to produce a floor scrubbing bot.

A robo sub is being sent to investigate sonar contacts near where MH370 is suspected to have gone down.

A robot put a Cessna through basic maneuvers.

Robotics + CT scanners may be an improvement.

Soft bot tech mimics human muscles.

This surgery robot has haptic feedback.

Sweating robots?

Meet the Thorvald agricultural bot, a British agro bot.

Toyota is selling the Kirobo robot.

Zume pizza has bots to make the pizzas.


A paralyzed individual participated in the cybathalon.

The cybathalon gets profiled.

A 3d printed prosthetic was made for a violin player lacking an arm.

A robotic arm made for a paraplegic man gives him a sense of touch.

A young girl has been testing prosthetic arms.

Software Bots:

60 Minutes 'interviewed' a robot.

Can AI help farmers?

AI is now able to defeat people at Doom completely.

Amazon is hiring a number of people for its Alexa. Alexia is being integrated into Ford Focuses and to make coffee.

Apple has hired its first director of AI research.

Baidu has a voice recognition software that is supposedly more accurate than a QWERTY keyboard.

Has China eclipsed the US in AI research?

The CIA has software bots, it's so-called Syren Servers, to predict uprisings days in advance.

Google is trying to catch up to Amazon's software assistant/home automation.  What will it work with?

Google's assistant uses jokes from Pixar and Onion writers.

Google's neural network AI can now learn from its own memories and can be used to navigate the London Tubes.

IBM Watson is being used to help at hospitals.

Insilico Medicine is using a bot to ID genes associated with longevity.

Machine learning coupled with big data are increasingly impacting our lives.  Potentially in understanding bad drug interactions.

Machine learning is also being used to ID cancer cells.

Microsoft claims its voice recognition software is better than human professionals now.

Saya has crossed the uncanny valley.

Tech giants are in an AI race.

The White House is open sourcing its chat bot.

Your next nurse might be a bot.

Yahoo is open sourcing its machine learning system to classify porn!

Computer Advances:

Can neural network based chips compute more efficiently?


How to build human-robot trust?

Robopocalypse has been mocked by SNL.

The Robopocalypse will make work obsolete and we will need a guaranteed minimum income.

Woz is no longer worried about the Singularity.

Dr Sebastian Thrun loves the robopocalypse.

Dr Stephan Hawking has stated AI will be the best or worst thing to happen to Humanity.

South Korea is investing $450 million in its robotics industry.

The White House has stated the robopocalypse has the potential to greatly increase American wealth, but warns not to let the robopocalypse impoverish the average person. 

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