Friday, October 07, 2016

Terminator Times #21


DARPA's Gremlins program gets profiled.

US nuclear sites are getting a drone defense.

USAF is worried about drone strikes in the US.

The USAF is getting new sensors for its Global Hawks.

USAF F-16 drones have reached IOC.

US Army is looking at its next VTOL being optionally manned.

US Army wants a Shadow UAV equivalent that is runway free.

US Army is looking at a laser on a Stryker to shoot down UAVs.

The US Navy has awarded Lockheed and Boeing risk reduction contracts for the MQ-25 program.

The US Navy has also approved LRIP for the Triton.

One of the USN Fire Scout's designated a target for a Blackhawk.

The USN ordered 10 more Fire Scouts.

There are cracks in some of the Fire Scouts.

The USMC may soon use a VTOL drone swarm as a replacement for the Cobra and to accompany the V-22s off their jeep carriers.  Bell is proposing the V-247.  Bell is also trying to sell the tilt rotor drone to the US army.

The USMC is testing out the Black Hornet UAV.

The USMC tested a communications pod on a Reaper UAV.

USMC rifle squads will be getting drones.

Brazil is being offered local production of the Heron UAV.

Britain needs to sort out its 'killer drone' policies.

Britain wants to place British weapons on its Protector (Reaper) drones.

Europe has started studying its needs for a MALE UAV.

Iran claims to have made two UCAVs based on the lost RQ-170
(and some).

Kazahkstan is looking at starting UAV assembly in 2017.

Nigeria is ordering UAVs.

South Korea is developing a laser weapon system to counter drones.

3 drone strikes in a week in Yemen.

ApolloShield has developed an anti drone system.

CACI has its own counter drone system.

The Certifiable Predator B nears its test flight.

Drone Defense has a counter UAV system, too.

Korean Air and Boeing have teamed up to make a unmanned gunship of the MD500 helicopter.
 Schiebel and Diehl are extending their UAV cooperation.

Northrop Grumman has an anti UAV system.

Uvision and Firstec are lobbying their Hero 30 loitering munition (kamikaze drone) to South Korea.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

The US Army is working on self driving trucks.

The LA sheriff's office used a bot to disarm a man in a standoff.

South Korea is pushing forward with its unmanned combat ground vehicle program.

Hanwha Tech unveiled its design for the South Korean program.

Harris' bomb squad robot has a deft touch.

Roboteam has new capabilities.

Qinetiq NA unveils new UGV. 

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle:

A Lockheed UUV launched a UAV.


Software Bots:

Command and control is one area that is hoped that software bots can help with.

AI for the USAF!


The first database of autonomous weapons has been compiled for the public.

USMC combat tactics are evolving in the face of robopocalypse: bayonets and drones.

Is this the future of ground combat in view of the robopocalypse?

What could the force structure look like for the US Navy when its unmanned centric?

Thales wants the Royal Navy to test out its unmanned systems.

The US is pushing for limits on UAV exports.

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