Friday, October 07, 2016

Stealth Saga #55


The PAK-FA cannon was tested.

When will the PAK-FA go into production?  There are hints of another delay.


The USAF may skip the KC-Y and just build a KC-Z stealthy tanker.  That tanker might sport a laser weapon as well as being stealthy.

B-21 Raider:

The B-21 is now called the Raider like the B-2 is the Spirit, the B-1 the Lancer, the F-22 the Raptor and F-35 is the Lightning.  The Raider was named after Doolittle's Raiders.  Here are names that were not used for the B-21.

The B-21 will have a man in the loop and the USAF general wants to maintain people flying indefinitely.

The B-21 is supposed to cost $511 million per plane.

Here's one take on what the B-21 is supposed to be.


Despite being retired, two F-117s were spotted flying over Nevada.


A number of F-35As had problems and were grounded.  The problem has been a contractor used the wrong insulation for the fuel lines.  A fix has already been found.

An F-35A caught fire during take off.

Italy is prepping its carrier for the F-35B.

Japan's first F-35A has been rolled out.

Gen Bogdan is predicting $2B savings with a block buy for the F-35.

Will the F-35 EVER be ready for combat?

In the mid 2020s, the F-35 will be getting a new engine.

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