Friday, October 21, 2016

The Coming Cyber War #19

Cyber Warfare:

The United States had a cyber attack today with a massive DDOS attack on a key company on the internet causing outages mainly on the East Coast.

Is cyber defense the great space race of our generation?

Destructive cyber attacks are coming.

The IoT Botnet Mirai's software has been released to the public.  DHS is warning about this malware specifically.

Hackers are attacking the US voting systems.

NATO states cyberattacks complicate defense.

Nyotron is bringing a cloud based cyber defense to militaries. 

The US has officially stated Russia is responsible for the hacks on the election system Stateside.  The Russians have responded that's part of the 'anti-Russian hysteria.' sweeping the US.  The hacks, some think, are meant to shake trust in American democracy.  The rhetoric against Russia has been stepped up.  The US government has stated it will doing a proportionate response against Russia.  But how?  Supposedly the CIA (really?  CIA?) is preparing to conduct a cyber attack against Russia.

A warning has been sent out Russian hackers might be attempting to attack the US Presidential election.

The US military needs to get cool to attract cyber experts?  Use a cyber ROTC?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps it needs to pay industry rates...

The British have stated they are actively conducting cyberwarfare operations against Daesh.

Russia, cyber coercion and the classic whodunit.

Cyber Security:

3d printing systems have cyber security issues.

Buzzfeed hacked and had false stories released.

Is cyber security best incentivized by a carrot or a stick?

One election system vendor uses developers in Serbia. 

IAEA has stated at least one nuclear power plant was successfully hacked and had its operations disrupted.

IoT might be really, really bad for the internet.

Johnson & Johnson's insulin pumps are hackable.

MITRE is offering a bounty on rogue IOT devices.

Most businesses do not inspect their cloud services for malware.  And the clouds have lots of it.

Sixgill is moving from defense to detection in software.

Spotify users were hacked through malware carrying ads.

Cyber Espionage: 

Apple watches have been banned from British Cabinet meetings due to hacking fears.

Assange promises more secrets to be revealed about Clinton and Google.  Some more were revealed for the Clinton campaign.  Supposedly, a nation state cut off Assange's internet access.  That nation?  Ecuador!  The host embassy he has asylum with.  Ecuador has stated they did so because Assange was interfering with the US election and not because they were being pressured. 

Gufficer dumped Clinton Foundation data again.

An NSA officer was caught stealing secrets.  He stole apparently tens of terabytes of data.

Trump's email servers are hopelessly hackable.

Yahoo had a regular program of scans of user emails for the NSA and denied it.  (Apple, Google, and Microsoft denied they have a similar programs.)  Yahoo's scans were under a surveillance law that is expiring.  Calls are being made to declassify the program the Yahoo email scans were being done under.  The tool being used apparently was a hacking tool, rather than an email filter.  Verizon wants a $1 billion reduction in the price for purchasing Yahoo due to the lack of disclosure on the email scans.  In fact, Verizon is now saying this is a material breach.  In an odd twist, Yahoo is demanding to know who in the government ordered the monitoring.

A Russian spy ship might have tapped internet cables coming out of Syria.

Cyber Crime:

4Chan hackers are claiming to have wiped a Clinton aide's phone remotely.

A new android malware tries to trick users into taking a picture of themselves holding an ID card.

The Clinton Foundation is warning their donors against phishing.

Apparently, darknet users are strongly against animal trafficking.  

DDOS attacks actually have a changing effect.

Hackers who attacked French TV have still not been found.

Hackers have also hit 6,000 online stores looking for credit card #s over an 18 month period.

Another group of hackers is attacking the SWIFT network.

A huge debit car system breach has affected millions in India and over ten banks.

How hackers got into Podesta and Powell's email accounts.

Malware is not a problem on the Wikileaks site according to Julian Assange.

A Republican Senate Committee website has been hacked.

A Russian hacker has been detained in the Czech Republic for possible extradition to the US.  Russia has strongly criticized the US over the arrest and has named the individual.

The StrongPity malware is infecting users via legitimate software installers.

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