Friday, November 18, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #94


Dominoes delivered pizza in New Zealand via a Flirtey drone.  (that's an awfully big target needed...)

The British want prisons to be geoblocked by drone manufacturers.

The Cormorant (formerly airmule) has had its first autonomous flight.

A new drone helps design wireless networks.

The DartDrone is intended to shoot tranqs at animals (for and by pros!  not the kids!)

Disney is employing drones for entertainment purposes (more here).

DJI has unveiled new drones.

And a drone for professional level filming.

Drone photography is becoming impressive.

Echodyne has a mini radar designed for drones.

The FAA is testing anti drone tech at the Denver Airport.

FleetLights is the concept of making drones into street lights.  I can see the UFO reports now...

Google's Project Wing delivery drones will NOT be bringing you your latte.

GoPro has recalled its Karma drone.

HyWing is a fuel cell powered drone with a 10 hour flight time.

Local Motor's 3d printed car now has a drone.

An optionally manned helicopter and drones did an exercise to fight a fire and do search and rescue.

Self Driving Cars:

For those of you in San Francisco, go down to Harrison and 4th: there is a garage full of Uber self driving cars there.

Altmotive has developed an all weather self driving car capability.

Hyundai's Ioniq is its latest self driving car concept.

Intel is investing $250 million in self driving car tech.

A Japanese company started passenger testing a self driving shuttle bus.

Self driving cars are now joined by a self driving scooter.

Supposedly, a self driving delivery van can be built in 4 hours.

The Telsa crashes are not going to stop self driving cars.

Tesla has told Germany 98% of drivers understand the limitations of its Autopilot capabilities.

Do the lives saved by Tesla's software balancing out the lives lost?

Uber is arguing not all of its drivers will be replaced by self driving cars.  (ha!)

3d Printing:

Builder 3d has released a giant sized 3d printer.

Cazza Construction is looking at 3d printing housing in the US.

GE tested a turbo prop engine made with 35% 3d printed parts.

Sunconomy is teaming up to 3d print houses with a nonprofit.

A teenager was killed by an explosion in his 3d printer.

There is a new way to 3d print tissue.


Hrönn is a self sailing robo ship.

Take a look at the future of pizza...robot factories?

A new bot can solve the rubik's cube in .637 seconds.


suitX announced its new exoskeleton for work.


A brain implant allows a locked-in woman to play games (and more).

Cyborg cockroaches to the rescue...ick.

DARPA wants to increase the rate the brain learns.

A new wireless brain to spine implant 'cures' paralysis in monkeys.

Software Bots:

Amazon's Alexa is now in Hyundai cars.

Can software bots help save scientists drowning in data?

Google's Deep Mind AI is attempting to play Starcraft II.

Google's AI also needs your cute doodles to play pictionary with..

Google's RAISR is a bot to sharpen low res images.

IBM's Project Intu is bringing Watson's capabilities to any device.

Intel is determined to fuel the AI revolution.  hmm...

A software bot ranked the most influential brain researchers.

Telegram announced the winners of its bot challenge.

A new web crawler is designed to extract data from the net and improve performance.


Musk is predicting the robopocalypse will produce a universal basic income.

The UN says the robopocalypse threatens 2/3s of jobs in developing countries.

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