Friday, November 04, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #70

China carried out military exercises in the South China Sea with a focus on search and rescue.

China is enjoying Duterte's twist to them, but will it last?

The Chinese have allowed Filipino fishermen back to the disputed shoal after Duterte's last visit.  Originally Manila claimed the Chinese had left and the US & Philippines were looking to confirm.

The future of American-Philippines military exercises is to be determined in the next month (Duterte stating they are over).

The US chastised Duterte again.

Some are saying the US-Philippines alliance is stronger than most realize.

Philippines is attempting to get Japan to invest in Filippino defense industries.  

Duterte lashed out at the US again and wants to have joint military exercises with the Japanese.

The US COngress blocked the sale of guns to the Philippines over the rights abuses for Duterte's drug war.  Duterte referred to the congress as monkeys but stated he'd consider sticking with American weapons all the same.

Philippines' new frigates will primarily be used to hunt subs.

The Philippines special envoy to China has quit.

Australia and Indonesia are considering joint patrols of the South China Sea.

Indonesia is considering placing passive radar stations on the Natuna Islands.

Here are some general updates to the South China Sea dispute.

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