Friday, December 09, 2016

Robpocalypse Report #95


Apple might be building a fleet of drones to improve its maps.

In Australia, commercial mining drones keep getting attacked by eagles.

Autel Robotics got a bit goofy in an ad for its drones by showing how to use one for cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Britain has issued new guidelines for drone users.

Drone jacking may become a threat.

Droneshield has an anti drone gun that can take out targets 1.3 miles away.

The French are joining the Dutch by training eagles to take down drones.

The crash of the solar powered Facebook drone is being investigated by the NTSB.

The government is enforcing a no fly zone for drones in the Standing Rock standoff.

MIT's CSAIL has a new drone design system allowing for assymetrical drones.

Mouser announced the first drone for autonomous search and rescue operations.

Parrot drones are being used to monitor the health of drought stricken Sequoia trees.

SlideX announced a new security drone.

Swarms of sensor packed drones could help wind turbine farms.

Self Driving Cars:

Apple has confirmed it is working on self driving cars.

An Audi concept car taught itself how to park.

Canada is getting its own self driving car tests, including by one called, yes, Autonomoose. has open sourced its self driving software for  Hondas.  Reportedly, their hardware will also be open sourced shortly.  This is probably in response to the Feds asking for data about the safety of their system.

Delphi's self driving cars learn from their mistakes.

European self driving car tests are focusing on protecting motorcyclists.

A study was conducted on the expectations of self driving cars vs reality.

GM's new Super cruise functionality has a red flag from the NTSB.

 Honda is previewing its concepts for future sharing transportation.

The International Drone Expo is coming to Los Angeles.

A new test site for self driving cars is being built in Michigan.

Nissan's self driving Leaf is being used in one of its factories.

An opinion on the future of 'robocars.'

Self driving semis are hitting the road for testing in Ohio.

How self parking works in cars.

Taking back control from from a car in self drive mode may be problematic for drivers.

Tesla shows what is going on with its take on self driving capability and is rolling out its newest software version.

A Tesla was hacked and stolen.

Uber is creating an AI lab to improve its self driving cars.

3d Printing:

3digo is attempting to bring the sharing economy to 3d printers.

A look inside the Japanese 3d printing industry.

We now have a 3d printed motorcycle, the Dagger, from Divergent 3d.

And they also have a 3d printed car.

Why Makerbot failed to spark a 3d printing revolution.

Singaporean researchers have improved ultrasound machines through 3d printed parts.

Spider silk is getting 3d printed now.

Stratasys 3d printed a drone onto very heat resistant electronics.


Alexa can now control a vacuuming bot called NEATO.

Biomimicry strikes again but with the cat's tongue as the inspiration.

A British company has developed two micro robo subs.

In China, there as their first violation by a bot of Asimov's First Law of Robotics.  Has the robot uprising begun?

In Japan, a bot failed its university entrance exams.

Just Eat is beta testing using robots to do food deliveries in London.

Nylon thread has been made into artificial muscles.

A robotic hand has been developed by researchers for quadriplegics.

Robots are being used as proxies to understand the development of human children. 

SALTO is a new jumping robot from UC Berkeley.

Software Bots:

Amazon's Alexa can now hang out on your wrist.

Apple is going to start publishing its AI research.

The British are feeding Google's DeepMind AI its patient data to find highly at risk patients.

Bots can now write classical music.

Bots might make better sales people than, well, people.

Facebook says to not flip out over AI.

Facebook is also developing an AI to look for offensive videos.

Google's DeepMind AI also binged on TV to learn lip reading...better than any human.

This is the sandbox Deep Mind goes to learn.

Google is opening DeepMind up to outside researchers.

Is Google's RAISR image resizing system actually 'dishonest?'

Google Translate is using machine learning to know how to go from one language to another without learning either (and seems to have invented its own language).

Google used its deep learning to diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

Intel's new chips are meant to significantly speed up AI.

Machine learning is being applied to facial recognition.

Microsoft's chatbot for China filters certain topics.

Microsoft has unveiled its Home Hub, an answer to Amazon's software bots, etc.

Microsoft also unveiled its latest  Chatbot: Zo.

MIT is using a software bot to produce videos.

Can a neural net pick out the perfect gift?

Reuters developed a bot to spot fake news.

Now there is Shoegazer to help you find new ...sneakers?!


Amazon has created as cashless, personless grocery store.  You walk in, take something off the shelf and get charged as you walk out the door via your phone.

Will farming be fully automated in the future?

Many CEOs believe the robopocalypse will render the average person irrelevant.

McDonald's is moving to embrace the robopocalypse with the rise of the $15/hr minimum wage.

Stephen Hawking is convinced the robopocalypse means the end of the middle class.

Some are optimistic about the robopocalypse and jobs.

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