Friday, December 02, 2016

Terminator Times #23


DARPA has ordered a second TERN prototype and Northrop passed two milestones in the program.

The USAF has begun training enlisted personnel to be Global Hawk pilots.

Hundreds of US air force enlisted signed p to become drone pilots.

The US has drone hunting aircraft in the Middle East.

Aeronautics outlines its plans that include marketing the Orbiter 4 to Europe.

Aeronautics also wants to sell its Dominator XP UAV.

Aurora is working on an unmanned Huey.

British purchase of up to 26 Certifiable Predator B (aka Protector) has been approved.

China unveiled a lot of UCAVs at the Zhuhai airshow.  First off, the Wing Loong II UCAV, the heavily armed CH-5 UCAV and the Cloud Shadow.

The Chinese also showed off its mini UAV that can be deployed from aircraft.

The Cormorant, formerly AirMule, has flown autonomously and is aimed at 2021 production.

 Elbit is pursuing the Indian UAV market.

Elbit also unveiled its ReDrone counter drone system.

Elbit & Scheibel are adding a comint payload to the CamCopter.

FLIR Systems just bought Prox Dynamics.

General Atomics' ER Avenger took flight recently.

General Atomics' Certifiable Predator B also took flight.

Germany has begun Heron 1 UAV operations in Mali.

India's Rustom-II UAV had its maiden flight.

Israel unveiled a new drone that uses laser spectroscopy to detect explosives.

The Israeli air force is going to replace its SeaScan fleet with Heron 1s.

The Israeli navy is considering a new type of UAV to deploy on its corvettes.

K-MAX & SARA have teamed up to demo an unmanned fire fighting capability.

Kratos is making a strategic investment into UAVs.

The Poles are working on UAVs.

Russia is working on a VR helmet for its UAV pilots.

Russia used its Tachyon drones during airborne exercises in Serbia.

The Russian National Guard is testing out a new UAV.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

The USMC tested out the MUTT robot during recent exercises.

The Canadians are working on a large, modular UGV.

Elbit's Segev UGV will become fully autonomous.

The future of bomb disposal looks rather robotic.

The MilRem TheMIS was tested in the Baltics during exercises in the combat support role.

Roboteam unveiled its Probot UGV v2.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles:

The US Navy's LCS program office will be taking over the DARPA Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles:

There are concerns about the US Navy's mine hunting Knifefish UUV

The US Navy will be deploying long range underwater gliders from its destroyers.


Russia is claiming its 3rd gen combat gear will sport an exoskeleton.


Banning killing by robots may be impossible.

The Unmanned Warrior gets a review

The US Navy is promoting the LCS classes of ship as being ready for the next generation of automated warfare.

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