Monday, September 19, 2011

This is actually pretty least for us

A bit of a preface...

My family, as I have stated here before, has a very long tradition of being soldiers. My great grandfather, grandfather, father and brother all served. We served as a "family battalion" in the Civil War (Tennesseans fighting for the north). We were even exiled from Scotland for being Covenanters back in 1683 when we rose up against the then Dual Scottish/English crown (and like almost all glorious celtic rebellions rose heroically, fought like lions and were crushed thoroughly).

I've pondered that heritage more than a few times: why do we make such good soldiers? Why do we gravitate to the profession whether or not irregardless of our person wealth.

My wife and I are very different people. We often discuss it. One of the thing that came out is that I described that I truly enjoy being around other people...but I don't need to interact with others for me to be fine, even happy. My father was a true loner, but I don't see myself that way.

Then, a few days ago, a friend pointed this out:

IDK if I ought to be very, very worried or not. I'm conflicted whether or not to take a look under the hood as another friend put it. However, the only real benefit from doing so would be to see what I can do to raise my son better. (The fringe benefit is that I get my curiosity satisfied) That alone may be worth it.

IDK when regular postings will continue. I'd like to, but...Too Damned Busy.