Thursday, June 07, 2007

Future Biotic Timeline: 25 myfn Eurasia Map Iteration 1

We're taking the objective of going through one snapshot at a time. The first is the first step. We're well within the Cenozoic here with a stop at 25 million years from now. This is the first iteration of the world map or more properly that of eurasia+. There are a nontrivial amount of changes to be done based on discussions, but it is interesting to see how this is progressing. The group is only about 5 - 6 strong at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Dixon's "After Man" maps. Isn't it a clear possibility the Mediterranean would dry out?

Will Baird said...

The Western Med will dry out for sure. The consensus in the world building project so far is that the eastern med will not because the red sea is still expanding and will make a link to it.

We've had an iteration 2 come through. I'll be posting it later. There are still some nontrivial changes to be made.

Will Baird said...

Those of you that keep coming here ought to check out the 'final' version of the map here.