Saturday, June 02, 2007

Why I Haven't Been Blogging About Ukraine

Lately, I've just been posting links about Ukraine without actually putting a lot of personal commentary into them. The reason, frankly, is that the whole situation is just plain depressing. My NSHO is that Ukraine is headed for a train wreck of a disaster. To some extent it already is one, but the harbinger was the fact that the Ukrainian President ordered out troops against the Radha. The Prime Minister's crew ordered out the police to stop them. They did. Without opening fire. There was a compromise that wa supposed to have been struck for when the elections were to take place - in September. yet there are rumblings that this may in fact be melting down. Already. My take is that this will eventually turn to blood shed. Either now or after the election as the projections show an approximately the same situation developing again from the coming polls.


We're VERY focused at this point of getting the relatives out of that country. When that's done, we'll probably wash our hands of that place. However, that Gem of an Immigration bill might jus screw us but good because of the nuking of the family reunification in it.


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