Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Observation

My wife will be back in 36 hours and I will be very, very happy when that happens. In the mean time, I find myself unable to sleep and decided to watch THEM! again. Quietly, to be sure, since my daughter is fast asleep and that last thing I want is for her to have some ant enduced nightmares especially because of bad child actors.

However since the net is such a useful tool, I decided to browse up some info on the movie. IMDB was a place to start and decided to go through and look up abit on the actors and actresses. There were a few actors there that caught my attention. I didn't realize the hero policeman - a New Mexico State Police Officer (*looks green* just kidding, mostly, but if he'd been border patrol, I'd not be) was also the old and suicidal parolee in The Shawshank Redemption. Wow. Talk about a very long career. Another interesting one was the old professor. My mother loved Miracle on 34th Street and damned if as soon as I read that in his bio that the voice snapped into place. Also there for a blip was a rather younger Spock: man, talk about getting stuck in a genre.

However, the one that struck me more than any was the woman that played Pat, also supposed to be a PhD Dr. It wasn't for anything that she was overly beautiful or whatnot: not bad, not really my taste, but y'know the period costume might have had some neagtive effect. No, what struck me, big time, was that at the time of the film, she was 21. Yep, 21. I'd have guessed a half decade older. Perhaps even pushing 30. Nope. Just 21. Interesting that I took her for that. I thought about the 21 yos I've known, and...I just have to wonder if we're aging a bit differently these days. I mean, the 21 yos these days still look, well, almost like teens, comparatively.

That's not meant as a put down or whatever, just that it's a "Huh! That's odd!" moment.

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