Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Introducing the Raptor's Nest

Manabu Sakamoto is Yet Another Brit Based Paleontologist that I have come across as of late via Fish Feet. He has a blog about his research, things related to his research, and other things paleo (including some very nice dinos he's drawn). It's well worth reading.


Raptor's Nest (old) said...

Hi. Thank you for the introduction. I wasn't really expecting anything like this but its an honour. At least now I know someone's reading my blog;)

Will Baird said...

You're welcome.

Once upon-a-time, I was planning on being a paleo type myself. My folks had a hard time getting me to draw people: I would only draw dinosaurs and other paleo critters. It actually really worried them! However, growing up in Los Alamos, I was lured away by astronomy and physics...and later computers, especially the really, really fast ones. In the process I found I like to do a lot of, well, everything and I'm not bad at it.

I still read a fair amount of paleo stuff out of interest, and I'd like to participate some, especially where it intersects with my work now, but finding a collaborator set hasn't been so easy. ;)

Raptor's Nest (old) said...

Well, if you're interested in dinosaurs, we have an online dinosaur encyclopedia hosted at the University of Bristol server. We have a Forum there if you want to get in touch with other palaeo types.