Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Amanda Can Start Calming Down Now

Huckabee's down to 28% in Iowa almost tied with Romney (27%). McCain's bouncing (14%).

In South Carolina, Romney and Huckabee are tied at 33%,

In New Hampshire, McCain is within a few points of Romney.

This whole process is up in the air and the big 'surge' for Huckabee was only because he was relatively unsullied to date (because he wasn't a leader, now he's getting dirty) and falling from his momentary state of grace.

I am pretty sure that a Repugnant, ahem, Republican isn't going to get elected President no matter what. I am sure that its going to be one form of Demobrat or another. Unless, of course, Congress continues to carnally know Le Pooch.


Mike R said...

>Unless, of course, Congress continues to carnally know Le Pooch.<

Isn't that about on the same scale as saying, "Only if the sun continues to rise in the East?"

Will Baird said...

Not quite. They have a chance to stop screwing up. Depends on a lot though. There ARE a bunch of competent people in there. They're not being coherently led at the moment.

It's possible they can sort things out. It's ... possible.