Monday, December 03, 2007

Permian Boneyard Teaser

Hopefully, the related post will be up by Friday for the Boneyard. All depends on the events between now and then.

Zach, if you're up for it, I'm looking for some drawings of procolophonids and millerettids for the post. *grovel*


Zach said...

No problem, buddy. Just basic line drawings of each creature?

Will Baird said...

Yes, please. If you have time, embellish them. No pareisaurs though please. I ahve beena ble to find enough of them. I am thinking of the smaller herbivore versions. Permian forms only please. If you can, restrict it to the Dicynodon zone even. O:)

Zach said...

Aw, no Hypsognathus?!?

Not...sure what the Dicynodon zone is. I'm no Permian expert! But check your email in a few minutes, then tell me what you think of the critter I've sent.