Friday, April 17, 2009

More Russian State Failure Mental Gymanstics

Russia’s population will continue to decline over the coming decades, threatening first some regions and then the country as a whole with depopulation, a trend whose consequences are both more immediate and more widespread than many now assume, according to a leading Moscow demographer.

In an article entitled “The Social Consequences of the Depopulation of Russia,” [google translation of her article] Olga Lebed of Moscow State University argues that “the demographic situation which has arisen in Russia over the course of recent decades has achieved such a critical point that it is impossible not to pay attention to it”

Her list, in brief, depopulation will...

1. change the ethnic mix
2. russians won't be the largest percentile in russia
3. threatens territorial integrity
4. worker shortage
5. population aging will crush the worker
6. exacerbate the gender imbalances[A]
7. cause parents to outlive their kids making things worse
8. destroy the family [B]
9. cause more mental illness, sociopathy, etc. Make everyone crazy
10. cause the state to take radical, even fsckign scary, steps to stop it[C]

A. Not enough men! Sounds like a perfect match for the Chinese!
B. She a conservative republican by chance?
C. such "as state-supported “incubator” children, 'hybridization of embryos,' cloning, and greater efforts to extent life spans and working lives." o.O

Sooo...what are they drinking there? Seriously spiked vodka?! Ahem. I should say: Now That's Some Vodka!

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