Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Ball Is In Your Court, Ms Speaker

So, any bets whether Pelosi will let HR 2499 actually come to a full vote? Or will she squelch it like she did HR 900? Almost 1/3 of the House are cosponsoring HR 2499...sheesh.

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Noel Maurer said...

Why mess with success?

I used to hold your view. I no longer do, for reasons discussed over at my blog.

Short version: Puerto Rican citizenship cannot be stripped, the fiscal effects are uncertain ... and most importantly, why force the nationalism issue? You've got a people that is both Puerto Rican and American, a rare hat trick. No need to take unnecessary risks with that equilibrium.

Worse yet, the bill doesn't require Congress to do anything. It's a mess.

At times I am a Burkean conservative, Will. This is one of those times. In all seriousness, there is no reason to risk upsetting this political balance.

Having Congress force an advisory referendum on the Free Associated State is not very conservative.