Monday, October 19, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #14

On friday, the Russians hit 49 targets, on saturday 51 targets and another 49 targets on Sunday.

The US and Russia supposedly have reached an agreement to avoid inadvertent air combat.

Russia claims they are planning one, large long term military base in Syria.

Russia also claims they are serving their own agenda, not supporting Assad. IN fact, they state they are not supporting Assad, but trying to destroy IS. Then they contradict themselves.

The Russians are continuing the deployment of their drones in support of their strikes.

There's a mystery Il-76 flying to and from Syria seemingly tied to a private contractor but seems obscured.

The Russian public is very onboard with the bombing campaign. 

One analysis, despite what others have opined has claimed Russia has been making good progress in their intervention in Syria.

The Russians claim the French sent a fighter to harass an official Russian aircraft.  The French deny it happened and claim the fighter was actually Swiss.

The Russian FSB claims it foiled a terror plot against trains in southern Russia by an IS linked man.

The Assadite army supported by Hezbollah and Iranian fighters is making gains near Aleppo.  The Russians have been providing air support.

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