Friday, October 23, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #18

No word as yet on the number of strikes in the last 24 hours as of the time I am writing this.  I will update if I see it later and have time.  The US led coalition conducted a total of 16 during the same time frame across Syria and Iraq.

Reports are now that the Russians have now killed 450 people on the ground with their strikes.  One third of these are civilians and half of those are children. The kill ratio for the strikes is not exactly great, I'd say.

There are conflicting reports are the moderate rebels and IS have cut off supply lines for the Assadites south of Hama.  Russian airstrikes have followed.  However, what is troubling is at first glance the FSA et al and IS were cooperating.

There was a meeting in Vienna to discuss the future of Syria.  Talks were by the powers involved and non consensus was reached.  The Saudis are rather publicly unhappy.  In the future, the Russians want the Iranians and Egyptians involved in the talks.

The Russian and Jordanian militaries are coordinating and will set up a center to do so.

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