Monday, October 12, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #9

There are reports the Russo-Assad offensive has stalled and may have even been pushed back some.  However, I urge caution about getting excited.  Organization almost assuredly favors Assad.  Likewise, a tactical victory can turn the next day very easily, even if the FSA and pro American Kurds have TOW missiles[1].

There are renewed troubling rumors the FSA and other secular factions are setting aside their differences with several of the Islamist factions to fight the Russians and Assad. IS is continuing to advance according to multiple sources.

The Russians hit 53 targets in the last 24 hours.  The Europeans are calling for Russia to stop hitting the Kurds and FSA.

There is one really weird video of a Mi-24 Hind dropping bombs and being used in a more traditional manner.  More info here.

Putin has renewed his pledge to NOT use Russian ground forces.  If the past is any guide, especially with the recent videos that leaked from Syria, this is a sign either the Russians already are engaged in ground combat or will in the near future.

Putin met with a Saudi prince to get their backing for the war.   The Saudis warned of dire consequences for the Russians getting involved in the war.  The Russians then claimed they foiled an Islamic state linked terrorist attack.

The UN is pushing the US and Russia to come to some sort of agreement over Syria.  This is because the war, in some ways, is starting to look like a proxy battle between the US and Russia on the ground and the potential for direct clashes in the air is very high.

There are a rampant *FALSE* report of a Russian jet having been shot down for violating Turkish airspace.  

However, Syrian jets and antiaircraft missiles continue to lock onto Turkish Air Force planes to harass them.

Someone has been posting the personal information of the Russian soldiers identified in Syria.  Others comment on the ethics of doing so.

1.  As an aside, I have to wonder how much more territory Ukraine would control if Obama had authorized the release of TOWs to the UAF during the Donbass War.  They're great for killing tanks, vehicles and could have blunted many of the Russian armored attacks.  Lugansk might be in Ukrainian hands right now.  To be sure, the Ukrainians would NOT have won.  They would have held more territory and made the Russians pay far, far more.

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