Saturday, December 19, 2015

Live Blogging the Democratic Debate

Here we go again.

Will this be the one that kills off O'Malley?  I was expecting the last Republican debate to have ended a couple of the lower tier campaigns.  It seems they did not.  I wonder if we are entering into a realm where we have candidates who know they will never be the nominee, but run specifically to pull the likely nominees to whatever issue they have or a position closer to theirs and their supporters'.

This debate is only Hillary's to lose.  She is pretty much the nominee presumptive.

17:32 PT: Finally.

Opening Statements:

Clinton:  Keep people safe, help everyone in the economy.  Democrats are better than Republicans.

O'Malley:  Different debate.  America attacked is why.  Talk about economy, yes, but first job of the president is to protect this country.  Danger of democracy split.  Need a new uniter.  Never give up!  Never surrender!  Smacks Trump.

Sanders:  we have to change the way things are done.  Economy.  New wealth only going to 1%.  Economy for everyone.  fix the campaign system.  fix climate change.  new foreign policy.  destroy isis but no more quagmires.

Database controversy:

Sanders:  this happened twice.  first time staff did good job.  second time, fired person.  this was a problem.  DNC cut off access, crippling campaign and resolved last night.  Wants to work from with Clinton if Clinton's team saw.  Bothered this is a breach.  Sanders mans up and apologizes.

Clinton:  appreciates apology.  independent inquiry.  wants to move on to something else.

O'Malley: more important things.

Sanders: we all agree.

 San Bernardino, should we feel safe?:

Clinton: keep people safe first.  her plan to defeat isis/daesh.  not commenting on local US incidents.  She's not answering the question. For homeland, monitor internet.  Work closely with silicon valley.  Must closer with muslim american communities.

O'Malley: Clinton said is true, but we have not invested in intel services.  not just foreign but also in the US.  Big brother sounding.

Sanders: he agrees with the others.  this is very hard.  crush ISIS/Daesh.  Calls out to Jordan's King.  nothing about the inside the US.

Gun control:

Clinton: guns are a problem. must build coalition to fight ISIS/Daesh.  Guns will not make people safer.  no more arming people. 33k people per year killed by guns.  build coalition with muslims here.  bashes Trump.  No clash of civilizations.

Sanders (discourage guns?):  people have the right to buy guns.  links mass killings together, including San Bernardino.  people says instant background check should be stronger.  No more gun show loop hole.  no assault weapons.

O'Malley picks fight with moderator.  Says he's passed gun control.  Clinton isa  greased weather vane.  Sanders was against Brady bill, etc.  Getting angry and energetic.   For confiscation of assault rifles?  no.  Attacks both of them.

Clinton calls O'Malley a liar.

Sanders we need rules for the debate.

Sanders: great to make speech, different to build coalition.  rips O'Malley.

Clinton: Applauds O'Malley for his record.  but says O'malley is full of it.

Trump vs Muslims:

Clinton: Trump is an idiot.  Actually gives GW Bush credit for reaching out to muslims.

Sanders: report suspicious activity. wants to talk about something else.  turns to economy instead of profiling, etc.  Calls Trump a monster.


Clinton: Not wanting to force SV.  ugh.  invokes manhattan project.  wants SV and gov to be partners.  backdoor might be the wrong answer, but understands law enforcement.

O'Malley: never give up privacy.  Bashes trump.


Clinton: no halt necessary.  increase vetting.

O'Malley: accept refugees and more.  Refugees are not the problem.  Look at other visas.

Fight Against ISIS:

Sanders (why for Afghanistan and not ISIS, why?):  brings up Iraq.  US cannot succeed as world policeman. (if plan b doesn't work) tells Saudis to fight ISIS instead of yemen and qatar to attack ISIS.

Clinton: specfor is not the same as  ground troops.  afghanistan different. local failures are reason for ISIS.  (really?  Not just a US failure?)  ISIS wants american troops.  Attacks trump again.

Clinton (ISIS like vietnam?):  stay to air coalition, train iraqis, get locals to fight.  build coalition stay only in the air and specfor.

O'Malley (humint):  more spies and also more diplomatic intel. also include sustainable presence.  USAID a cabinet level position.  points finger at US actions for IS happening.  good for him.

Clinton: safe refuges with no fly zones.  must work with Russians and ban assadites.

HAHAHAHAHA.  empty toothless no fly zone, lady. 

Sanders: iraq again.  worries clinton is too much into regime change and unintended consequences.  calls her too aggressive.

Clinton: Sanders is for regime change in libya.  smacks sanders.

 Assad first or later?

Clinton: get both done now.  Don't include Iran in coalition.

Sanders: complicated issue.  Assad bad, but priorities must be right.  Assad not attacking US.  ISIS is.  kill ISIS first.  include Russia. 

O'Malley: do things differently than during the Cold War.  Our job not to run the US.  Kill ISIS.  Then work with UN for after ISIS dead.  Not our job to get rid of ISIS. 

Clinton: Assad is the problem.  ISIS is because of Assad.  wanted to arm moderate rebels.  wuh?  She just poorly worded that.  Transition for Assad.  USA don't lead, there is a vacuum.

Sanders: US must lead.  Must not be policemen of the world.  cannot fight ISIS and Assad.  Assad later.  build coalition first.

just warning: I will have to quit at 19:00 PT for a business call.


 income inequality

Sanders:  middle class disappearing.  better off than when bush left, but people not doing well even so.  attacks 1%.  1% pay taxes.  living wages.  equal pay for women.  rebuild infrastructure with $1T investment.  tax on wall street speculation for education/tuition free.

O'Malley (differences): look at my record.  15 goals to make possible.  universal national service for youth as an option.

Clinton:  attacks republicans.  raise incomes.  ok, how?  raise minimization.  incentivize profit sharing.  equal pay for women.  fix college tuition.  get drugs price down.  fight the republicans too.  everyone should love me.  will be president for everyone.  buffet rule.  create jobs, esp in small business.

Sanders (corporate america): Corp america will hate sanders. wall street will hate sanders.  fix wall street.  trust busting. greed of wall street, billionaires.

O'Malley: (role of corp america) economy is an ecosystem.  better way than Sanders or Clinton.  no socialism.  no wall street, crony capitalism. Attacks clinton pretty hard.  calls her out for invoking 9/11.  bad mergers.  no big six banks.  trust busting.

Clinton: 1.  two hedge fund billionaires against me because I will be hunting HFers.  2.  3% donations come from financial industry (more from students and teachers) 3. O'Malley had no problems going to wall street for fund raising.  Sanders voted against regulating derivatives.

Sanders: No superPAC, no wall street $.  fought bill clinton, republicans and greenspan over banking mergers.  go to youtube and see what I said.  fight wall street.

Health care:

what to fix in obamacare.

okay.  gotta stop.


Anonymous said...

A gathering of old socialists! Why didn't someone ask them why their guy who has been in the White House for two terms didn't do anything they are proposing?

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Thank you again, for this and the republican one!