Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stealth Saga #18


British Aerospace has stated the Taranis has, in fact, had its last test flights.

France will continue the testing of the Neuron UCAV demonstrator through 2016.  Aviation Week has a nice photo gallery of the Neuron.

The US Navy's UCLASS got $300M in the final budget for a competition and must be a highly stealthy, strike platform.


India is getting  the F-414 Enhanced Engine for its AMCA Fifth Generation Fighter.

Tornado Replacement: 

Germany is looking at an optionally manned Tornado replacement.

Long Range Strike Bomber:

Boeing is doubling down on its protest about the LRS-B contract award and calling the selection process fundamentally flawed.

6th Generation American Fighters:

Northrop  FA-XX (left) and F-X (right).

 Northrop has released its latest concept for a Sixth Gen Fighter. It uses lasers and is a cranked kite. Thermal management due to the use of lasers is the primary concern given it is supposed to be a stealth aircraft.

Aviation Week also discusses Northrop's 6th gen concept.

Foxtrot Alpha also discusses the concept as well, but with some skepticism.

I venture my own opinions as well.


The USS America amphibious assault carrier, ahem, ship has been upgraded to work with the F-35B.

Norway has ordered six more F-35s.

Singapore is not in a rush to buy the F-35.

Israel is interested in F-35Bs now.

Japan has started putting together its first locally assembled F-35.

Israeli firms have earned $770 million worth of business for their part in the F-35.

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