Saturday, February 13, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #69

It appears everything is about to spiral out of control. I'd LOVE to be wrong about that, but so many things are coming together in the worse possible way. To be sure, for the civilians on the ground, this has been out of control for a long time and its dumbass commentators like me that use euphemisms that down play the tragedy and devastation. Even so, it appears things are going to get worse. If this stays on course, this will be the 30 Years War for the Middle East.

The Turks have stated they and the Saudis may invade Syria now. For that matter, the Kurdish faction supported by the Russians is now being shelled by the Turks in the airbase they just captured.  

The Saudis are stating Assad will not stay in power.  dun dundun!

The Assadite Syrian Army is moving in on Raqqa, the IS/Daesh strong hold.

Assad has vowed to take back the entire country and will not stop until he does.

Russia has dispatched a new corvette armed with the long range cruise missiles to the Med to support Assad.

The Russians are stating a ceasefire will most likely fail now: this is happening as the Assadite army continues to make gains.  Despite the major powers agreeing there would be ceasefire on friday, the Russians continued their bombing and the Assadites continued fighting.  Furthermore, the Russians have stated cooperation with the US is vital in Syria.  This is classically Russian: talk, speak empty words, get the West to try to compromise and then do whatever they want.

Secretary Kerry continued to state the Russians had to stop targeting the rebels and needed to focus on Daesh/IS. This will not happen, Mr Secretary. I'm sorry.

The French have also called on Russia to stop targeting civilians.

The West conducted 20 air strikes on friday against Daesh/IS forces.  Keep in mind the 'weak' Russians have kept a temp of at least 70 per day just in Syria, not Syria and Iraq like the West.

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