Saturday, March 05, 2016

Converging on Cryptocurrencies #4


Ethereun gets profiled.


There appears to be a bug in the bitcoin software uncovered by miners.  This is calling for a more formal spec on the software to prevent this sort of thing.

A new fund is aiming at bringing bitcoin mining profits to highly qualified investors.

One company is taking out an insurance policy for its clients bitcoin exchanges and deposits.

The biggest threat to bitcoin might be its own core developers.


40 odd banks worked with R3 to test and set standards for blockchain technologies for financial transactions.

The blockchain is being touted as bringing about a new standard in the financial markets.

However, there are challenges in working with the blockchain.

Visa is working on a blockchain project that is 'secure and scalable.'

The real future, some believe, for the blockchain is in accounting.

One company is securing Estonian medical records with the blockchain.

Israel is turning out to be a hotspot for blockchain development.

Some think bitcoin itself bitcoin itself is doomed, but the blockchain will spread everywhere.


A credit union official took bribes from an unlicensed bitcoin exchange.


The Bank of England's Deputy Director considers digital currencies a threat to banks, but bitcoin itself is not a threat to the dollar or pound.

Potential Scandal:

Yobit, another cryptocurrency exchange, is being reported as having problems withdrawing money and coins.  This has been the harbinger of a collapse in the past for a coin exchange.

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