Wednesday, March 02, 2016


God is dead.

God Is Dead.

Let that sink in.

Just for a moment.

God is dead.

This is not merely some philosophical rant.  This is not some atheistic or Satanic victory cry.  This is a fact.  This is a terrible fact.

God is dead.

What's more, the world did *not* end.  We are still here.  The world still exists.  There is still a heaven.  There is still a hell.

But God, the Creator, is dead.

But then, so too is the Devil.  But we won't weep over his loss.

But God.  The Almighty.  The Creator.  The Beginning and the End, the One who pronounced "I am Alpha and Omega," is dead.

And here, we stand, at the funeral of God, where I am giving a eulogy for the One and God is Dead.

We all know what happened, at least in the abstract.  The Apocalypse came.  It began, strangely, with explosions that would rival nuclear blasts in Palo Alto, Pasadena, Berkeley, Cambridge, Geneva, New Delhi and Beijing.  All places of scientific research.  As though the trigger for the apocalypse was some discovery scientists were racing towards and had found, allowing for the End Times to begin.

Given the fact so many places went up at once, it could not have been some codex of the arcane.  Some secret knowledge passed down.  Given all the ground zeros of the blasts were in universities noted, not for their theological research, but their hard sciences begins to make us wonder.  What did they find?  What was it that triggered the End?  How could anything Mankind did or could do in this world be a threat to an Omniscient, Omnipotent Being? 

And, yet, here we are.  God is Dead.

The great battles that followed between the Wicked and Saved, daemons and angels, nations and individuals, the Righteous and the Damned, would consume this world for 13 years.  In time, with blood, sweat, tears and nearly our souls, we threw back Hell's Host and cornered them in the Middle East.   There we would clash one last time.  Crushing them, driving them into defeat and retaking the world from the last of the Foul.

We won!  In the Battle of Armageddon, the Forces of Light crushed the darkness, vanquished its grip upon the Earth and raised our banners on high.  We celebrated our Faith.

And yet God is Dead.

What we had not realized at the time, could not even fathom, was Satan's attempt at taking the world was a ruse.  It was a distraction.  It was a feint.  That is right.  Satan didn't care much about us or our world.  The Serpent was focused on one being and one being only: God the Father.

We discovered the Portal outside Jerusalem.  We followed in.  None had seen the Beast and thought, perhaps, either God had bound the devil once more or, in our nightmares, the Beast had escaped.  Despite our expectations, the Portal did not lead to Hell.  The army we poured forth marched into...Heaven.

And there, we saw, a pitted and blasted landscape.  Ethereal corpses of angels.  Foul cadavers of demons, imps and devils.  Satan had invaded heaven and kept Humanity tied up on Earth.

We advanced, but carefully.  Imams, Rabbis and Priests, soldiers in armor and artificial intelligences in a variety of forms.  All cautious.  All careful.  All advancing so as to not be caught in a trap.  All despairing. 

In the end, we reached the Throne room and saw...the black orb.  The black hole.  And we could go no further.  Something was preventing us.  Yet we could also see strewn about, in an uneven, incomprehensible fashion bits of Human technology.

And there was no God.

There was no Devil.

Something horrible had happened here.  And something powerful.  Something beyond our ken.

Then the Scribe of God, one of the few surviving angels in Heaven, described the onslaught, the great battle and witnessed...the Scribe could not understand what happened.  Just that it did.

The Almighty Died.

And God is Dead.

We gather here today to seal his Throne Room, to proverbially bury the Creator and make an eternal remembrance.  God is dead and we shall miss him.

I would like to close with this strange, odd thought and realization.

How could this happen?  How can the all powerful be destroyed?  How could possibly the Worm even scratch the Creator, never mind destroy Him?

Satan alone could not destroy God.  The Beast had attempted this since the First War in Heaven.  The Worm had striven to take down the Almighty for billions of years, at least, if not longer.  And yet, had failed.

And yet, here we are: God is dead.

No, Satan did not kill God.  The Dark One could not.  Not alone.  It was only through using something Human that allowed the Devil his day.  And yet, whatever it was, killed the Beast, too.  No, the Beast did not kill God.

Man did.

Man killed God and that God let him may be the greatest gift He ever gave Humanity.


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