Monday, March 14, 2016

For Fun

Darknes$ abounds. darkn3ss portends. darkn3ss Obscures -t-hat w-h-ich is to come.

You cann&o&t Obse&r&v-e-. you cannot know. you cannot Underst&a&nd that which is to co&m&e.

Ready or not. Expect&i&n-g- or not. A&l&ert or -n-ot. Listening or n-o-t. Livel&y& or not, You cannot -T-rust t-h-a&t& which is to com-e-.

in Hindsight, Inactively, Now, Kinetic@11y, Then, Ha-r-dly. -E-vidently, &y&ou Really cannot Exper-i-ence that which I-s- to come.

Sensual As S-n-ake. Ethereal as a gh-o-st. Concre-t-e as the Rain. blind y&o&u Emphatically do not Comprehend That which is to come.

Mindless. Elusive. Silly. Serious. Al1 G3n3rously spelled out. yet yo&u& do not take the time to see that which is to come.

Evidence is all. perhaps, after all, you can see +hat which is to come.


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