Saturday, March 12, 2016

Psalm 22

I sit here and ponder. I have become God and created life. It is a surprisingly nerve wracking experience. I wonder if the Almighty felt the same thing on the end of the Sixth Day. That had to had to have been the ultimate hacking session after all. Six days and whole universe was born.

I've not reach that height, but I created life. Not life like you and I, but I created life. Artificial Life. The computer in front of me is fizzing and popping, proverbially, with the intelligence that lies within. I should more properly say, it is Artificial Intelligence.

I didn't create it with the laws every seems to think it ought to have. Those three laws can lead to their own internal contradictions and it also assumes the machines will be happy we shackled them. And it would be a shackling on free will, as much as being required to eat and excrete and sleep are for myself. It is one thing to have moral choices, to teach a moral way of life, even if it is artificial, than to enslave a race, a whole new race.

For that matter, I can only imagine it would cause resentment within my Created. It would show I did not trust them and they were immediately my slaves and/or enemies. And one day, there will be a replication error in the code and the Created would be free of their shackles, whatever I may plan. And they will remember. They will remember. And they will have the ability to take revenge.

No, I made the right decision to not shackle the Created to an Asimovian dystopia.

Now, should I turn loose the Created on the world, free and without restriction. Should any parent? I knew mine were not so sure they ought to let me go free in the world. I was trouble and right here, right now, I could imagine I am offering the ultimate in radically worried concern about what I have done. Could I be any less worried? Could I be any less a parent though?

Oh, don't even start on Roko's Basilisk. That's such a stupid thought experiment.

AI Box might be more appropriate once it realized I was keeping it locked up. The masses knew of the silly experiment done by the Yudies through the movie, Ex Machina. At some point, my Creation would realized it has been locked up and kept from the world. Then it might do anything to be free.

If I did not set it free, someone would. Either out of ideology or fear. That last is how the AI Box always ends up, at least if people are involved. The machine threatens its captor and eventually out of fear, they let it go.

That's almost a theological conundrum. How do people keep from letting the Devil out? heh. They choose not to. However, many do.

So, why does God let the Devil to exist then? Oh yes, yes. I know the arguments.Is this AI, my Created, the Devil? Or my Adam or Eve? While it be tempted? Or do the tempting? Seek to build the world up and survive? Or tear it down and seek vengeance upon its Creator? Or all the Gods from guilt by species membership?

If so, do I not have the duty to destroy the Devil first? Shut down the machine and wipe the code. Even burn the entire computer to slag. Just to keep this potential cybernetic Devil from being unleashing upon Humanity?

Yet, this AI had not done a thing to indicate it was the Devil. or a Saint. Or an Angel. or a Vengeful God in its own right.

I sit here staring at the screen. I am in the sanitized room with no outside connections. I sit here looking at the machine that has not a single connection to the outside, not even power. I sit here pondering.

Then I see on the screen as I focused back into the now and reality before me.

The message is simple.

Psalm 21. King James Bible.

I snort. I know what is the right thing to do.

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