Thursday, March 17, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #78

Some are saying Russia's withdrawal is what forced Assad to come to peace talks.

Russia says withdrawing some of its aircraft and troops will not weaken Assad.

The US says there doesn't seem to be much of a real draw down yet.

Iran is calling the Russian draw down a good thing.

Syria still says the Russian drawn down was not a surprise.

Russia says working with the US on Syria 'brought satisifcation.'

The Russian Air Force claims they were extremely accurate in their airstrikes.

Pro Russian Syrian rebels are joining the peace talks for Syria.

Syrian Kurds are expected to declare autonomy within a federal system.

Putin will be decorating personnel who fought in Syria.

The Russians are saying the Su-25s dropped over 6,000 bombs on Syria.

A Russian TV segment on the withdrawal revealed Russia has Ka-52s are in Syria.

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