Thursday, March 03, 2016

Stealth Saga #35


The British and French governments have agreed to invest 1.5 billion euros into a stealthy UCAV as a follow-on to the Taranis and Neuron programs.  First flight is expected in 2025 and IOC 2030+.  Oh and Europe?  Northrop wants their cranked kite back.  ;)


Infighting is delaying the Turkish fighter program from getting started.


Some are warning, in part because of the J-20, the PLAAF will overtake the capabilities of the USAF by 2030.

One of the acknowledged deficiencies of the J-20 is the problematic engines.  The Chinese have formed a conglomerate to manufacture the engines in a sign of changing how they will approach the problem.

6th Generation Fighters:

The Russians are claiming they are working on 6th and 7th generation fighters when they have not even hit IOC for their 5th gen.  Some are semi taking the idea seriously.  I would be surprised if Russia was not doing studies, but to actually start a real 6th gen when they are struggling with their '5th gen' fighter seems a little unbelievable.

Stealth Spy Planes:

The RQ-180 and TRX get a glance at in this piece on how spy planes work.

Stealthy Cruise Missiles:

Here's why the US military needs stealthy nuclear cruise missiles.


Russia has admitted hey have indefinitely postponed the PAK-DA.  They are now pushing the Tu-160M3 for first flight in 2019.  The -160's production may not be until 2023.

B-21/Long Range Strike Bomber:

The US Air Force is defending the bomber on Capitol Hill, but McCain remains concerned.

F-22 Raptor:

The F-22 might become permanently based in Poland.  Or not.

The 90th became the first combat F-22s to start using the AIM-9X.

How the US plans to use the F-22 and F-35 together against other nations' 5th gen fighters.

F-35 Lightning:
The F-35's ALIS logistics system may be vulnerable to hacking.

The US Marine Corps want another 2 F-35Bs and 2 F-35Cs over what the President's budget has asked for.

Likewise, the US Air Force has asked for 5 more F-35As over the budget request.

The US Navy has asked for 2 more F-35Cs above the budget request (and 14 F/A-18Es).

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