Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Coming Cyberwar #4


NATO is adding more partners for its cyber capabilities.

The F-35 Lightning's logistics support system may be vulnerable to cyberattack (paywall).

The Pentagon's cyberweapons are online (paywall).

Here's a bit more on the US military's cyber warfare operations against IS/Daesh.

Cyberwarefare is being dragged out of the shadows.


Pirates are hacking cargo companies to find the most valuable ships to attack.

Here is a lot more information about the attack on Ukraine's power infrastructure.

Business bank accounts are vulnerable to hackers.

UCLA researchers think the mere sound of 3d printers could be a cyber security threat. 

The U8 smart watch has been caught sending encrypted data back to China.  What and why is unknown.

The computer age is a paradox, or so some say, making everything more vulnerable, even if easier.

Cambridge and MIT will be spending the weekend hacking each other's computers in a sanctioned contest.

Ransomware is now being sold as a service.

Dubious Claims:

The latest gambit for trying to force apple to unlock the San Bernardino terrorist's IPhone is the claim its contains a 'cyberpathogen.'


Here's a suggested guide for journalists about reporting hacks.

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