Monday, March 07, 2016

Too Short

Zlipt! FLipzt! Buzz!

I had emerged from the water! I was free! I was free! The sounds, the sights and the glorious odoriferous songs wafting through the air. So free! So free!

I have so little time, but I will spend it well, spend as I I should be. I shall see this world, enjoy it, love it and then pass my essence onto another generation. They shall live, love and die just as I. They shall take up their instrument and know the symphony of life, playing their part.

To zip, to fly, to know, to experience. I would live like this was my last day...because I only had seven. Seven glorious days and then I would die.

Zttp. Flpppzzt. Flew.

I dashed forward as the determined fly. I smelled glorious nectar. And I was really hungry. I stopped and supped and flitted on. The experience of eating was glorious, but it was only one among so much to see! So much to do!

bzzt. flzzt. zzzzppppt.

I smelled something new. A repulsive yet alluring scent. Not for me, but still had to see. What manner of flower, what manner of beast, what manner of origin would create such a smell?!

fuzzt. frrzzz. trrrzzzt.

I could see and tell. The smell was coming from a huge animal. No insect. No fish. I had never known its like. So strange, so alluring, yet repulsive. I knew, somehow, some way, this was food, but not for me. I am male and nectar was all I needed. Yet, I was curious enough look up close. Life is short and precious and I might not get this moment again.

thrrzzzt. bzzt. freezztt.

I landed and cocked my head, wondering what the creature might portend. Ah, a stirring, an awakening, there might be females around and I only had six days left....


"Gross! It was a mosquito. Let's get out of here, Jenny. I don't want to be eaten alive."

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