Sunday, April 24, 2016

Coming Cyber War #8

Cyber Warfare:

US enemies can cyber attack US satellites. 

The US has been using cyber weapons against ISIL/Daesh.

Congress has set up an independent Cyber Command for the US military.

Cyber operations are being advocated as a way to offset the rise of China's power.

Israel & Singapore are working more closely together on cyber operations.

Cyber Security:

Australia has launched a major cyber hardening initiative.

The US government really sucks at cyber security.

The US DOD is prioritizing cyber hardening.

MIT has developed an AI that is 85% effective in detecting cyber attacks.  I wonder how it compares to BRO.

Cyber crime:

Cyber criminals have started adopting corporate best practices.

British Aerospace is warning of the QBOT malware.

Swedish military systems were hacked and used to attack US banking systems.

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