Friday, April 22, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #40

 China conducted drills in the South China Sea.

China also conducted flight of a Y-8X to Fiery Cross Reef (one of the disputed islands).  The US inquired about those flights.  China rejected the inquiry.  The interior of the Y-8X was seen for the first time.

China is really unhappy with the Philippines-US military base agreement.

The US says China's intentions are worsening the tensions and are being questioned.

The US Secretary of Defense visited the US Navy aircraft carrier present in the South China Sea.

The US is planning on the Philippines being the lynch pin of its strategy for dealing with the South China Sea. The US has deployed five A-10s to the Philippines.  They are patrolling the South China Sea.

The Maritime Awareness Project kicked off with a discussion of the South China Sea.

Despite all the tensions in the South China Sea, the US has invited China to participate in RIMPAC.

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