Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ukraine War Update: Упрямым слепцом Никогда не видите

Anyone who has been following the OSCE Monitoring Mission in Ukraine has known this for some time: the truce is a farce.  Some days there are over a thousand artillery shells lobbed around Donetsk...and that's what the OSCE reports.  They have been noted in the past to have very spotty coverage of the entire line of contact and most of that line has been aflame for some time.

The increase in fighting intensity began when the political meltdown in Kiev began.  IMO, Donnie Reb is hoping for a meltdown sufficient they can begin offensives again, since the weather is improving.  It should be remembered though: Kiev != the People of Ukraine. 

In the last 24 hours, 3 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the fighting.

Even Merkel is finally saying the truce is not being respected.

There have been a few protests against the government in Odessa.  However, they were fairly limited.

I have not been posting as much here, because for personal reasons, I do not have direct contact with the people on the ground in Ukraine any more.

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