Friday, April 22, 2016

Stealth Saga #41


The US Air Force tested an advanced optical sensor on the General Atomics Avenger.


MQ-XX will only have tanking and ISR capabilities, no strike, if the navy gets its way.


The engine maker for the KF-X is to be selected soon.

Hanwha Thales has been selected to provide the radar for the KF-X.  A bit more here.


The Japanese X-2 had its maiden flight.  More info here and here.


It should be met with skepticism based on the Russian economy and moves by the Russian MOD, but its reported the PAK-DA bomber will be a stealthy flying wing and should have first flight in 2021.

Sixth Generation Fighters:

The US Navy may ditch the FA-XX for a family of systems, but at this point has started its analysis of alternatives.  It has made it clear whatever comes out will not be the same airframe as the USAF's F-X (or whatever it may be).


The House is asking the USAF to buy more B-21 bombers.

The USAF has revised its position and stated that 100 bombers is the minimum they need to buy for the B-21.

Here is the report to Congress on the B-21 program.

Does Congress have enough oversight on the B-21 program?


F-22 are being deployed from Alaska to the middle east.

The House also asked the US Air Force to study the costs of buying another 194 F-22s. This would require a restart of the F-22 production line.  It might be simply too late to restart the production line.

The Congressman Forbes' push for the F-22 might have to do with his reelection fight.


Israel is holding firm on increasing its F-35 order.

Officials are confident about the ejection seat fix for the F-35 as well.

Spain may buy the F-35B. 

Israel's F-35Is will arrive on December 12th of this year in country.

Israel expects they will be the only Middle Eastern F-35 operator for at least a decade.

The F-35 light weight helmet has passed its first test.

Britain wants to be the sustainment center for European F-35 avionics.

The GAO & JPO are at odds over the F-35 program mods...again.

The House Arms Services Committee is adding back in 11 F-35s to the budget.

Hill AFB is modifying all three of the F-35 variants.

CNN reports on the F-35 problems wiht ALIS.

MCAS Beautfort is getting ready for expanded F-35B operations.


When will fighters become obsolete?

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