Monday, August 21, 2006


My daughter has picked up the strangest habit. I really wish I could explain it. I really wish I could understand what drives her to do this, but she has all but delcared to the world that onions are now her new play toys. These are the big red and yellow onions we store in teh cabinet. She's not interested in potatoes. Or most other things in there. Just the onions.

She rolls them around. She throws them. She shakes her hands at us while holding them and babbles. It sounds like language, but isn't as far as 3we can tell. The weirdest of this though is that she likes to peel them. Red onions. Yellow onions. She peels them both and I can smell how strong they are. Yet, she doesn't seem to tear up or have it bother her. In fact, more than once she's rubbed the skins on her.

So, when you're looking at onions today or tomorrow, think of my little cutie and that she's found some strange way to boggle her parents.

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