Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Profoundly Disturbing

I haven't written about the Hans & Nina Reiser situation. It's very disturbing for a lot of people. It's especially disturbing for my wife and I.

Y'see, like the missing Nina Reiser, my wife is of that cultural background. She speaks Russian. She is a Ukrainian and not a Russian they're rather close to each other culturally, especially those of the Donbas Region where my wife is from. Ms Reiser was from St Petersburg. Like Nina Reiser, my wife married an American computer geek. That aspect creeps her out. She doesn't really think I would harm her like what appears to have happened with Ms Reiser, but...

That Yanqi computer geek she married would be me. I am a computer professional (aka geek) and have been my whole adult life. What happens to make this even more disturbing is that Mr Reiser works in file systems. While his work was and is far more profound and with a different emphasis, that also happens to be the same area that I am working in. Freaky parallel there.

Cue much disturbance in the Bairds' psyche.

I truly pray that they find Ms Reiser alive. I doubt that they will. I am hoping that the wheels of justice are turning and whoever did this gets roasted. and good. I wish I didn't think it was Mr Reiser, but yesterday when the news washed over work, a coworker came in and asked if I and another person had heard about it. We answered in the affirmative. The coworker that was talking to us then made the comment of something to the effect of, "For some reason, I'm not surprised [about Hans being arrested for this based on who he is]." He rarely makes a good impression.

Now, I am simply going to pray for the kids.

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