Thursday, March 13, 2008


I was an an industrial conference for half of yesterday that had de nada to do with work. It has to do with my mischief plans and was on my own time. However, when people asked where I work, it did come up. Then I had to explain that was the day job. However, work wouldn't stay away. Namely, a few people stated that even though I was there for something else, they wanted to come speak to us (at work) about HPC related things: the conference was about embedded tech, fwiw, the extreme other end of the spectrum in computing from HPC. There were encouraging things that came out of the conference wrt my mischief at hand, but that will have to wait until things are signed and sealed before I'll say anything more.

As I said though, work kept coming up. There's one of the architect's of Intel's embedded chips that wants to come talk to us. There's also some others as well. However, the prize moment of the conference was when a chip architect from a company that really ought to know better flashed up a slide with my favourite phrase on it and I let out of very audible gasp-cough-groan. The presenter gave me a look. The audience members gave me a befuddled look. I didn't say anything more. I did chase him down about why in the world that an embedded developer would want to use a 70 watt chip when most are hoping for single digit watt requirements.

However, let me say this and let me say this once. The next time I see

a supercomputer on a chip

the presenter is gonna get ripped to shreds, BBQed, and then used for a good sloppy joe in public and in front of the whole audience. This was a technical audience, not a marketing crew. People were there who were the ones that do the development, not the manadroids or marketoads. Next time you trot this canard out in front of me, be prepared for pure holy hell.

Expect no mercy.

Expect no quarter.

You have been warned.

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