Monday, June 16, 2008

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: An Update

There are three companies that I am aware of that are chasing the fuel cell vehicle technology pot of gold. One of them I highlighted before: it's GM. They have their Sequel, Equinox, and others. The Equinox is the vehicle they are using for the so-called Project Driveway where a number of the fuel cell vehicles will be leased in selected markets for GM to get experience with how the FCVs will work in real life conditions.

Honda is working on their own FCVs. Just today they are going to conduct their own version of Project Driveway. I have actually seen commercials for the Honda on TV. I'd like to see one up close and take it for a spin, but I have to admit with the projected family growth over the near future we're going to need more space that the Honda Clarity is going to offer.

Toyota, btw, is also chasing the FCV cup, so to speak. However, they're more invested in the hybrid technology and make their pitch that it is better environmentally than hydrogen cars here.

hrm. Maybe I ought to invest in a hydrogen fueling station? After all, there are plenty of uberdoubleplusgreens in the SF Bay Area...

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Tom said...

You have any family news, then? (Meanwhile, thanks for all the fun blog topics. I show them to the kids now and then, too.)