Saturday, December 01, 2018

Stealth Saga #42

Sixth Generation Fighters:

Germany and France are progressing on their FCAS.  They plan to launch demonstrator programs for the FCAS engine and airframe in mid 2019.  The Germans expect the next step taken by the end of the year though.  There are still a lot of hurdles ahead for the fighter.

Recommendations for the Sixth Generation Fighter for Europe were written up (PDF) by the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies.


The Russian stealthy Hunter-B cranked kite UCAV has supposedly entered taxi testing.


A Russian analyst has stated despite rhetoric about how good the Su-57 is, the Russians Air Force would lose to the USAF.

The Russians released another video showing the Su-57's capability to conduct aerial refueling.

The Russians also released a video of the SU-57 in Syria.  The two aircraft deployed conducted 10 sorties.

Supposedly, the SU-57's avionics have finished testing.

Watch two Su-57s conducting synchronized landings.

The SU-57 will get a new strike missile with "twice" the range.

The Su-57 gets panned by one of the lead F-35 haters.


The aerial refueling capability of the J-20 has been confirmed.


Robins AFB and Hill AFB will be the maintenance bases for the B-21.

Could the USAF end up with 200 B-21s?


Another article about the belly flop by the F-22 pilot due to premature landing gear retraction.


A USAF F-35A dropped a GBU-49 in combat training for the first time.

The USAF has announced a dedicated F-35 demo team for the 2019 airshow circuit.

Hill AFB just has an 'elephant walk' of 35 USAF F-35As.

USMC F-35Bs will start training at Okinawa's Iejima Auxiliary Airfield next month.

The US Navy stood up its F-35C wing to take responsibility for training, manning and operations.

A British F-35B landed backwards onto the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The British have finished DTS-2 trials for the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The British have awarded an infrastructure contract for RAF Lakenheath to prepare for the F-35.

British F-35Bs exercised with American F-15Es and French Rafales.

A Dutch F-35A got a spiffy paint job.

One of the contenders for replacing Finland's fighters is the F-35 and Finland has begun early negotiations with all the bidders, including Lockheed.

The Italian AF declared IOC for its first F-35A squadron.

It appears Japan is moving ahead with its plans to buy F-35Bs for its jeep carriers and another 100 F-35As for its air force.  Will Japan be able to afford its F-3 next gen fighter then?

Cubic is installing its integrated air combat training system on 500 F-35s.

Lockheed got a contract to mitigate the obsolesce of the F-35's processors.


How China means to deter the USAF.

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