Saturday, December 07, 2019

Robopocalypse Report #122


Some background on the ballistically launched drone.

The AB5 quadjet drone will be very expensive.

Using drones to make art in the Atacama Desert.

A fuel cell powered drone crossed 43 miles between US Virgin Islands.

Bell has test flown its APT-70 cargo drone with real cargo.

Self Driving Cars:

Who actually regulates self driving cars?

Using software bots to tell when to intervene with your driving.

Alfa Romeo is adding semi self driving tech.

MIT wants to train self driving cars to classify the personalities of the human drivers around them.

The fatal crash by an Uber self driving car was caused mostly my human error: use of a cell phone instead of paying attention and Uber not checking to see if its safety drivers were actually paying attention.

3d Printing:

A new micro 3d printing technique won a prestigious New Zealand science award.

3d printing large structures with Loctite materials.

A new 3d printer has multiple material nozzles.

3d printing with glass is now possible.

Lockheed manufactured Orion space capsule for NASA has over 200 3d printed parts.

Overcoming the problems facing printing large scale parts for aircraft.


Adidas is shifting its production from the US to Asia despite using robots in both locales.

Boeing has rescoped how it uses robots in aircraft construction after problems with the RUAB system.

Boston Dynamics' priorities are Spot, Handle and then, in the future, Atlas.

Boston Dynamics' Spot is being tested by the Massachusetts state police.

University of Bristol has created a soft robot that cane be put in your pocket.

Domodedovo airport will start testing cleaning robots.

Google's dream of an everyday robot remains out of reach.

NYC has warned Fedex not to invade their sidewalks with delivery robots.

Someone has developed a robot to entertain cats while you are away.  I cannot help but feel this will end badly.

Researchers are trying to better understand how soft muscle actuators work.

Softbank Robotics is releasing its robot janitor in the US.

Tokyo Metropolitan University developed a ladder climbing robot.

How to design robots with flexing, stretchy pieces.

Why robots should learn to build Ikea furniture.

A new haptic skin provides a sense of touch.

Robotic surgery is safe for overweight patients with kidney disease.


Ctrl-Labs CEO is claiming we will have neural interfaces in 5 years.  Press X to doubt.

A blind man can see his birthday cake candles again after a brain implant and artificial eye.


Amazon is looking to open full supermarkets without cashiers next year.

Software bots may run the chemical factories of the future.

Should workers have a say in automation?

Software bots have greatly improved microscopes.

Software Bots:

China is using software bots to incarcerate people.  Precrime anyone?

Bill Gates is against borders being invoked to prevent AI researchers from collaborating.

The US Patent and Trademark Office wants to know who owns the inventions created by AI.

Senator Schumer wants a big push on AI in the US.

NYC has created an AI ethics officer.

The dangers of black box AI.

Researchers want to put limits on AI to protect against bias.

Ancestry is using a software bot to sift through millions of obituaries.

Google made a bot to compare voices.  Their test case was Freddy Mercury.

Google has created a software bot to designed to help with exploring fashion through color.

Why is Google slow walking its AI advances?

Microsoft has deployed a new type of AI processor into their cloud.

Better ways of understanding neural nets are underway.

A new bot can predict epilepsy seizures at almost 100% accuracy.

Software bots are more successful in interacting with people when they imitate people.

Software bots can adapt to avoid censorship.

A software bot can predict life expectancy for heart failure survivors.

A new software bot has been developed to help with plant breeding in the face of climate change.

How software bots could revolutionize psychiatry.  

Software bots are being used to study how to remediate nuclear waste.

Software bots could speed up and improve weather simulations.

A new software bot can design new tuberculosis drug regimens.

A new framework has been developed for software bots to limit bias and improve fairness.

The first census of bots on wikipedia has been completed.

A software bot lawyer can be used to untangle understanding user agreements.

Software bots writing fiction is now a thing.

Using software bots to determine if immunotherapy is working.

Software bots can now beat people in hidden goal games online.

Software bots can learn quantum mechanics.

Software bots could transform how we monitor the health of civil infrastructure.

How software bots are changing marketing research.

A software bot has been written to determine authorship and its test case is Shakespeare.

Software bots have been made for traumatic brain injury.

Software bots are been developed to screen for antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Software bots have been designed to study how humans interact in groups and make group decisions.

Software bots have been designed to help with gene therapy.

Software bots are watching us and judging us.

Someone wrote a software bot to try to predict and out trade the market.


Either people are responsible for AI's actions or we will end up with Skynet?

Should modern "AI" have the same rights as animals?

The robopocalypse may threaten highly paid white collared jobs the most.

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