Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Billiards with Asteroids

I have a "good" one for you guys today.

It seems that a foundation that has been established with the sole purpose of altering - in a controlled manner - the orbit of an asteroid by 2015 claims that there's an asteroid that will swing very close to the Earth in 2029 and has a strong possibility of schmacking us the next time (or so) around in 2036. In the Pacific Ocean. The paper in PDF form is here.

There's a future WI for ahf: an asteroid smacks us in 2036 in the Pacific, uber tsunamis all over the Pacific. Japan, the American West Coast, China, Canadian West Coast, Mexican west coast, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, etc. get trashed. Forget any islands. They're toast. Oz might get waaay splashed too. India and Europe come out triumphant as the new superpowers of the latter half of the 21st century?

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